ON3 (One) aka Samuel Wallerstein, has been producing original and innovative Psytrance music since 1996,
With well known projects such as PPS Project, Sam Waller and Black & White, Samuel made a long journey, exploring high range of musical genres and sounds, avoiding fashions and mainstream trends, Samuel chose the hard path, paving his own road in the electronic scene with his own taste and unique sound.

Born in 1981 in Paris, France. Growing up in a musical environment, watching and imitating his father Jazz playing on their home piano, Samuel was as an autodidact musician and by the age of 6 he had already played the piano fluently, without even one professional lesson. His unique musical hearing kept leading him to musical search and understanding, falling in love with the world of music and it’s limitless range of genres.

It was at the age of 15 when he discovered his love for electronic creation, while playing for his friends entertainment in small gatherings, Samuel got to know the enjoyment of 4 walls and an old computer, getting his influence from Jazz, Classics and electronic pioneers such as Apex Twin and Autechre.

In 1999, with a strong belief he could present a different and innovative electronic sound, Samuel teamed up with his close friend - Felix (TimeLock) to create their first project - PPS Project. Within a very short period of time they got well known among PsyTrance lovers. Those years filled Samuel with the right confidence to keep searching for new and creative musical boundaries, leading him to create his solo and most creative project - On3.

Presenting unique sounds & melodies, old school roots blended with cutting-edge sound production, Samuel’s vision got worldwide interest and appreciation from well-known labels and especially from HOMmega that noticed Samuel’s potential already back in Black & White days and waited for the right moment in time to sign him in as part of its world class roster.

After releasing numerous singles and EP’s while working side by side with some of the scene’s biggest names such as Union Jack, Freedom Fighters, Pixel, Sub6 and Domestic, Samuel is putting his effort and intense focus on the production of his highly anticipated debut solo album, yet to be dated.