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Amir Dvir, Started his musical career back in 97 at the very young age of 16, he started his career under the project "Luminus", which he released 3 albums under that name with Hommega and Phonokol Records. A few years later in the year 2000 Amir decided that he wants to take a different musical direction and he started "Illumination" project, it didn't take much time until he teamed up with one of Hommega's founders "Xerox" and they formed the duo "Xerox & Illumination", which they released 4 albums and played gigs all over the world for more than 10 years. In May 2007 the British "DJMag" magazine voted X&I as one of the 10 influential psytrance acts.
Nowadays, Amir joined the Zero1 Label Family, coming with a new "Illumination" sound, filled with analog synths and intelligent production. his first EP is coming soon and is just a little taste of the upcoming album