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Freedom Fighters is the cutting-edge psychedelic project of Shahaf Efrat, a producer with over a decade of experience. He released his debut album ‘Rebel’ in 2015, which not only hit #1 on Beatport, but ruled its ‘Top selling albums’ for a very long period of time. Aside from HOMmega, he’s released tracks on notable labels like Armada, Iboga, Zenon, VII & Nano, which have led him to 5 Beatport #1’s till date. Touring heavily for the last couple of years, Freedom Fighters took his rebellious sound to the next level, playing in huge events from one hand and underground events on the other hand, in almost every place on the globe. From Australia’s well known “Rainbow Serpent”, to USA, South America, UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and the list goes on.