Empirikal aka Nimrod Gorovich and Dekel Kamionsky, are one of the most promising duos that modern intelligent PsyTrance has to offer. Formed in 2013, Empirikal are mixing new-wave with progressive and uplifting PsyTrance into their own unique and groundbreaking sound and style.

Growing up together at a small village in the northern part of Israel, Nimrod and Dekel found their enjoyment in creating music together. Influenced by artists like Simon Posford, LOUD, Infected Mushroom, Psysex and Mamady Keïta, this creative duo are composing their inspiration from authentic tribal beats, psychedelic experiences and nature into every melody and sound. Nimrod's background as a composer and musician, combined with Dekel's background as a DJ, creates a rich and alternative musical style that gets emphasised perfectly whenever its played in PsyTrance dance floors.

With a blasting debut track, “Dark Angel”, released on TIP Records, followed by promising follow ups, the duo drew Immediate world wide attention. Keeping the high road to expand Empirikal awareness in the PsyTrance scene, their unique character and alternative musical style got the attention of HOMmega, who quickly drafted them to their roster, side by side with Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Juno Reactor and more.

Reaching out and exploring new boundaries in their evolution, Empirikal are focusing their efforts on creating their debut album, expected on 2017.